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(HaberTürk and Cumhurriyet Newspapers, 17 May 2015)

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Mehmet Şahinoğlu and Saime Şahinoğlu, in happier days.

In Istanbul in 2012 Emine Y. told police that her twin brother
Mehme Şahinoğlu had disappeared after coming to Istanbul
from Adana.  Emine Y. explained to police that "my brother
married a woman named Saime but some time later someone
claiming to be Saime's common law husband appeared on the
scene.  He kidnapped Saime and then my brother disappeared.
I'm suspicious of these people."

At first, police couldn't find any leads in the case but eventually
the Missing Persons Bureau solved the mystery after a long
hunt that would remind one of a film script. Here's what
happened: Mehmet A., who was officially married to someone
else, was living with Saime Sivri, who met Mehmet Şahinoğlu in
Osmaniye, near Adana, and ran away with him.

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            Osmaniye province

Saime didn't mention anything about her common law
arrangement with Mehmet A. and went ahead and officially
married Mehmet Şahinoğlu.  However, Mehmet A. tracked
down the couple in Osmaniye, kidnapped Saime and took
her to Gemlik, near Bursa.

Subsequently, Mehmet A. argued with his son Fırat A., from
his official marriage, accusing him of letting Saime escape
from the house in Gemlik. After this argument, Fırat killed
himself and Mehmet A. held Saime and Mehmet Şahinoğlu
responsible for Fırat's death.

Mehmet A. and his family then conceived a revenge plan
whereby a woman named Sultan D. was paid money to
call Mehmet Şahinoğlu and tempt him to come to Istanbul.
Afterwards, Mehmet A. and his family caught Saime and
Mehmet Şahinoğlu, brought them to Gemlik where they
killed them and buried them in a forest.

Police solved the case three years later by looking at phone
records and physical evidence. The police noted that the
last call to Mehmet Şahinoğlu had come from Mehmet A.'s
summer house in Kurşunlu, Gemlik. Police then launched
simultaneous raids in Diyarbakır, Bingöl, Bursa, Istanbul,
and Muş provinces and took Mehmet A. (65), his wife
Saadet A. (59), son Faruk A. (30), and relatives Gürsel
S. (48) and Sultan D. (42) into custody.

In her statement, Sultan D., who had tempted Mehmet
Şahinoğlu to come to Istanbul, explained that "they wanted
me to trick him into coming to Istanbul. In order to show
me as a rich woman, they rented a house for me and gave
me a car.  I called Şahinoğlu and when he called me back
we chatted and became friendly. When he came to Istanbul,
thinking that he would meet with me, they grabbed him
and took him away.  I don't know what they did after that."

All of the suspects, except Faruk A., were sent to prison.
Police are now trying to determine if a skull found during
road work in Kurşunlu, Gemlik, in 2014 might belong to
one of the murdered Şahinoğlu's. Currently, DNA testing
and facial reconstruction techniques are being applied.

Police have also reopened the case of Leyla Ş., the girlfriend
of Mehmet A.'s son Fırat A., who later committed suicide.
Leyla Ş. disappeared under mysterious circumstances in

Image result for gemlik haritası
     Getting to Gemlik from Istanbul.


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