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Tragic Father-Son Duel Over Clover

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 12 May 2015)

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Tractor bears witness to Shakespearean father-son duel.

In Kastamonu, Halil Ibrahim Dabanoğlu (62) and his son
Hasan Dabanoğlu (42) shot each other to death because of
an argument over mowing clovers in a field.

The reason for the father-son fight last evening on the East
Kastamonu By-pass Highway has been determined.  Halil
Ibrahim Dabanoğlu and his son Hasan live in the same house
in Hacıilyas village in Kastamonu. Allegedly, Halil Ibrahim
argued with Hasan because Halil Ibrahim wanted his grandson
B.D. (17) to mow the clover in the field but Hasan sent his
son to school instead.

After the father and son argued, Halil Ibrahim, in his tractor,
and Hasan, in his car, headed for the Kastamonu Imam Hatip
High School in order to pick up B.D.  Hasan reached the
school before his father and took B.D. with him. However,
on the way back home he encountered Halil Ibrahim in his

The father and son got out of their vehicles and shot each
other, in front of B.D.  Both of the wounded men were taken
to Kastamonu Dr. Münif Islamoğlu State Hospital , where
they expired.  There were three bullets in Halil Ibrahim and
four in Hasan.

A relative stated that Hasan often drank alcohol and fought
with his father. Halil Ibrahim objected to Hasan taking B.D.
to places where alcohol was served. Police are continuing
an investigation into the incident.

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           Kastamonu province

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