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Chatty Taxi Driver Engages Wrong Collocutor

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 5 May 2015)

'Onlarla birlikte miydiniz nereden...
Famous for their loquatiousness, but this time too, too much.

Taxi driver Şenol Ş. and his customer Nasiye G. got into an
argument that started after remarks made by Turkish President
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his arch-rival Fethullah Gülen on
the radio.  The argument ended up in court.

Nasiye G. (65) got into Şenol Ş.'s taxi in Fatih, Istanbul, on 5
September 2013 while Gülen was talking on the radio. Right
after Gülen, Erdoğan, who was Prime Minister at the time,  began
to speak and when he finished Şenol Ş. allegedly referred to
Erdoğan as "dishonorable" and "a thief".

Nasiye G. took exception to Şenol Ş.'s characterization of
Erdoğan, saying "were you with them? How do you know they're
thieves?"  Şenol Ş. continued to curse some more and Nasiye G.
wanted him to take her to a police station. Instead, Şenol Ş.
pulled into a side street in Kocamustafapaşa, locked the taxi's
doors and insulted his passenger.

Image result for taxi driver robert de niro
Another famously chatty cabby. "You talkın' to me?"

A suit was filed based on the complaint by Nasiye G., who
claimed in court that the driver struck her. She said that "my
psychology is ruined. I can't ride in a taxi anymore".  As for
Şenol Ş., he stated that "we talked about the opposition party
and old corruption cases. The complainant said to me 'you're a
thief'. In response, I said 'what did I steal from you?' I didn't
strike her and I didn't insult her.  I'm filing a complaint against
the police who came to my house, pulled their guns and
handcuffed me."

The court sentenced Şenol Ş. to 11 months in prison for
intentional wounding and insulting, the manner in which the
crime was committed, the importance and value of the crime
and the suspect's aim.  Nasiye G. filed another suit against
Şenol Ş. for "threating one's freedom" and a 5-year sentence
was requested for Şenol Ş. on that charge.

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