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Even for Thieves, A New Low

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 8 May 2015)

Yardım kolisiyle geldiler ‘emekli’sini götürdüler
          How could anyone rob these two?

An elderly couple living in Beşiktaş with their handicapped
children were robbed by people who came saying "we've
brought you a help package."  A light truck pulled up in front of
the home of  Halil Leventoğlu (87) in Dikiltaş, Beşiktaş, Istanbul,
on Thursday. The person who got out of the truck said "we're
bringing assistance" and pointed to the sacks of onions and
pacakges in the back of the truck.

Leventoğlu went toward his house with the three people from the
truck and his wife Gülnihal Leventoğlu (75) met them at the
front door. Two of the people said to Gülnihal, "auntie,
we've brought aid, show us the cabinet." Meanwhile, the
third person distracted Halil at the front door with conversation.

One of the people who entered the house gave Gülnihal a
200 TL note, said that they would be providing 100 TL
worth of assistance and asked for 100 TL back from her.
Gülnihal took the 200 TL note, went to the bedroom and
came back with 100 TL.  Then, one of the two engaged
Gülnihal in conversation while the other went into the bedroom
and stole 2,000 TL of the couple's retirement savings.

The three people then kissed the hands of the elderly couple,
boarded their truck and departed the scene. Halil and Gülnihal
then realized that the three hadn't left them any aid at all. They
checked on the status of their money in the bedroom and
finally understood that they had been robbed. The three thieves
are being sought.

Image result for beşiktaş haritası
               Beşiktaş district of Istanbul

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