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Ringing in the New Year With Oktay D.

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 30 May 2015)

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             2015: The Year of the Maniac

Oktay D. (39) works as a mineral oil salesman in Antalya.
In December 2014 he picked up hitchhiker G.Ö. (22), a
university student, and gave him a ride from Burdur to
Antalya.  The two chatted along the way and they decided
to spend New Years together. Their plan was to gather at
Oktay D.'s house and to have two hookers brought to the

Prior to New Years, Oktay D. took his wife and two of
their children to their village. Meanwhile, G.Ö. and his
friend H.Y. (23) came to Oktay D.'s house in Antalya with
the two hookers.  Also at the house were Oktay D.'s 16
year-old son  and his shoemaker friend Mehmet Ç. (33).

With regard to the hookers, Oktay D. said "I don't
understand anything." and then he allegedly raped the
university student at gunpoint.  He also sexually harassed
his friend Mehmet Ç.

Oktay D. beat G.Ö.'s friend H.Y. and tortured him with
cold water.  The following day he had the youths sell
their telephones for 500 TL and threatened G.Ö. to "find
me a girl."  In response, G.Ö. lured his 16 year-old
girlfriend to Oktay D.'s house, saying there would be
an audition there for a part for her in a play.

Oktay D. sexurally harassed the young girl and later,
when the girl told her parents what had happened, the
frightful chain of events became known. Oktay D.
and Mehmet Ç. were arrested. In court for a hearing
three days ago, Oktay D. said that he had been slandered
and that "my son has Vitiligo, a skin disease that makes
his skin flake off. I heard that sexual relations are a good
treatment for this disease (!). That's why I let the two
women come to my house. I didn't keep anyone in my
house by force and I didn't hold anyone hostage.

Image result for burdur antalya haritası
The road from Burdur to Antalya.

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