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Nomads' 50-day Trek to Summer Pastures Begins

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(Sabah Newspaper, 7 May 2015)

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            "Get the flock outta here!"

Nomads who settle by the banks of the Botan River Valley in
Siirt, where the winters are mild, have begun to move to their
high and cool summer pastures as the weather warms in eastern

The nomads follow the same route their forebears have for hundreds
of years, setting out on an arduous 50-day trek with their flocks to
the summer pastures in Muş and Ağrı. The women ride donkeys
at the front of the procession and the men follow up behind the
flocks. The elderly and children are sent ahead in vehicles

Mehmet Ali Şengöz, the head of the Siirt Stud, Sheep and Goat
Herders Union, explained that there are about 3,000 people
involved in animal breeding who head to the summer pastures,
along with about 350,000 animals.

Şengöz added that the nomads who go to the summer pastures
in Hakkari, Van, Muş and Ağrı, spend the summer there and
then return again to Botan for the winter. He noted that "at some
points traffic police even escort our herds, allowing our nomads
to travel comfortably to and from the summer pasture."

50-day trek begins in Siirt and moves toward Muş and Ağrı.

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