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Governor Bans Play, Mayor Defies the Ban

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 10 May 2015)

//ed. note: the Edirne Governor, Dursun Ali Şahin, is 
becoming a regular contributor to TNT. See fitness 
and goodnews for his previous TNT appearances.//

Edirne’de ‘Can’lı ayrışma
"Can" the play, gets new life on the streets of  Edirne.

The Edirne Governor's office has refused permission for the play
"Can", based on the poems of Can Yücel*, to be staged at the
Public Training Center, on the grounds that the play contains
"slang" and "political content". However, the play will be performed
on Edirne Saraçlar Avenue, after Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan
reacted to the governorship's ban.

Mayor Gürkan invited the play's director Kemal Kocatürk to Edirne
to put on the play on Saraçlar Avenue on 20 May.  Kocatürk himself
stated that he had staged the play twice before in Edirne and,
asserting that he would file suit against the governship, he added
that "the governor's office is withholding permission based on National
Education Ministry regulations.  We don't want to put the play on at
a school anyway. The pretext given in the governorship's
announcement is that the play contains "slang" and "political content".
Are politics banned in this country? What they say is slang, is just
the way people talk. This ban amounts to a crime."

As for Mayor Gürkan, he stated that as mayor he cannot accept such,
a ban. He asserted that "in a city such as Edirne, a fortress of the
Republic, I won't accept that this is a place where the theater can be
banned. The squares and streets are ours. We'll watch the play

* Ironically, Can Yücel, was the son of a former Minister of Education.

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