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Botox Mosaic 'Restoration' Has Heads Rolling

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 5 May 2015)

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                     Before and (ugh!) after.

A mosaic restoration crisis has erupted at the new Hatay Archeology
Museum. The marked differences between the old and the 'restored'
mosaics prompted the Cultural Treasures and Museums General
Directorate to hold a crisis meeting and initıate an investigation.

The new museum opened in December and before the mosaics were
transferred from the old museum a decision was made to restore
some of the mosaics. As the works were put on display in stages
at the museum, which has the world's second largest mosaic viewing
area, visitors noticed the difference between the old and new mosaics,
confirming that the mosaics had been wrongly restored.

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       Restoration?  More like Devastation...

As of yesterday, the mosaic exhibit has been closed to visitors.
Hatay Governor Ercan Topaca stated that he has started an
investigation into those responsible for the botched restorations
and those people whose negligence brought the matter to this
point. Governor Topaca said that 8 or 9 mosaic works have
been corrupted and that he will bring together experts and
the latest technology in order to correct the problems.

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          Hatay (Antakya) province

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