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Road Rage: Honk If You're Suicidal

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 24 May 2015)

Bartın'da levyeli dehşet
Ibrahim Kaymakçı's honk-trigger temper on display.

The night before last in Bartin, Ibrahim Kaymakçı (35)
slowly approached the corner of Hamam Street and Asma
Avenue in his car. Süleyman Karadayı (52) drove up behind
him and impatiently honked his horn and flashed his lights so
that Kaymakçı would move his car out of the way.

Enraged, Kaymakçı got out of his car and attacked
Karadayı and passenger Tayfun Erol, a teacher at Kabagöz
Elementary School, with a crowbar.  Video of the incident
shows that as Erol emerged from Karadayı's car Kaymakçı
hit him with a crowbar and the two fell to the ground.


Although Kaymakçı's girlfriend N.A. tried to restrain him,
Kaymakçı got up and struck Erol in the face with his knee.
Erol remained on the ground while Ibrahim K. went after
driver Karadayı and beat him thoroughly.

Erol died at the hospital and Karadayı was taken in for
treatment. Kaymakçı fled but was captured by police.
N.A. was released.

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                       Bartin province

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