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Bathroom Brake Failure

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(Posta Newspaper, 5 February 2018)

mustafa y trabzon otobüs çocuk parkı fren ile ilgili görsel sonucu
   In Trabzon, good thing the kids sleep late.

In Trabzon, while a bus driver was on a bathroom break, his
parked city bus rolled down the street and into a children's park. (!)
Since the incident occurred at 0530 in the morning, there was no
one in the park. 

The accident happened in the Kalkınma neighborhood when
driver Mustafa Y. left his bus, plate number 61 AB 837, at the
bus stop while he used the toilet in the nearby mosque.  Whether
the brake was not on or failed is unknown, but in any case the
bus rolled 80 meters backwards, knocked down some trees and
plunged into the children's park.

Eyewitness Hasan Sarıalioğlu related that "in the early morning,
I saw the bus rolling rapidly down the incline.  It ran over a
couple of cars like a tank would.  The bus driver was running
frantically after the bus but he couldn't catch it.  I tried to console
him as he said to me 'it's a city bus. What will I do?'  Fortunately,
there was no loss of life." 

honeymooners ralph kramden ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Driver Mustafa Y., with passengers, in happier times...

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