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Dancing With The Bitcoins

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 8 February 2018)

Bitcoin vurgunu yapan dansçı, patronunu cezalandırmak için şaka yapmış
Winner gets the special-edition "Fred Astaireoğlu" 
commemorative Bitcoin series.

Officials at a firm in Istanbul that deals with Bitcoins determined
that 1.3 million TL (about $400,000) had been stolen from their
bank account.  Police examined the firm's Bitcoin sales and
found that one of the firm's employees, Aykut Dede, had stolen
the password of a senior official at the firm.  Dede had opened
bank accounts for two friends and transferred the money to these
accounts two weeks later, as if from a Bitcoin sale.

It turned out that Dede had bought himself a luxury car for
500,000 TL with the stolen loot, had the car registered under
the name of a relative, and the plates arranged in his son's name.
Police found 680,000 TL in Dede's home and determined that
Dede appeared with a dance team on a TV show (!).

When he was taken into custody, Dede said in his statement that
"I did it as a joke, to teach the boss a lesson." As for the luxury
car, he asserted that "I was going to give the car to my boss as
a gift." (!)  Regarding the two friends to whom he sent the
money, Dede explained that "they had no role in this. The fault
is entirely mine."

patrona şaka yaptım bitcoin aykan dede ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Teaching the boss a lesson...with real money.

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