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Governor's Crush Takes a Bizarre 'Soleful' Turn

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 9 February 2018)

‘Ayakkabısının altını öptüm’
          Gubernatorial infatuation gone wild.

Kırklareli Governor Orhan Çiftçi was previously the District
Chief of Mudanya.  On 8 May 2017, Çiftçi met with Meltem Ö.
somewhere between Mudanya and Bursa and Meltem Ö.
related what happened as follows: "Çiftçi and 4 others who came
with him punched me, hustled me into a car and took me to the
Balat Forest.  There, Çiftçi and the others beat me.  Once free, I
filed a complaint against them."

Based on Meltem Ö.'s complaint, the Interior Ministry began an
investigation.  It turned out that a year and a half ago, when
Çiftçi was the chief of staff to a mayor, he first met Meltem hanım,
who declared that "we were never romantically involved...but on
8 May 2017 when I met him on the road he grabbed me by the
hair and threw me in a car, taking me to the forest.  I sat locked
in the car for 2 hours and he and his friends took my phone, too. 
We were both in the back seat and he made some proposals to me,
which I refused because he's a married man.  I have a circle of
friends in Ankara.  Çiftçi made some accusations about my honor
that he threatened to make known in Ankara.  Once out of the car I
found a big rock and threatened to kill myself with it.  Çiftçi
relented somewhat but would only give me my phone back on
the condition that I kiss the soles of his shoes. (!)  Just to get free
I did so and then left in my own car.  After the incident, I missed
a month of work because of the wounds they inflicted on me."

mudanya haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
         Mudanya is NW of Bursa.

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