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Bilkers Fake Son's Voice to Steal 10,000 TL

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 2 February 2018)

leyla mustafa mercan ile ilgili görsel sonucu
        Leyla Mercan and her son's "friend".

The latest victim of telephone hoodwinkers is Leyla Mercan (62),
in Istanbul's Maltepe district.  The swindlers called Mercan using
a special internet function, as if they were calling from her son's
phone (!), and took 10,000 TL (about $2,500) from Mercan.

Mercan deposited money she earned from the sale of her home
in her hometown and while she was returning home from the bank
she got a call from the phone of her son, who works for a private
firm in Istanbul.  The voice of the caller, which sounded like her
son's, said "Mom, this is Mustafa.  I need money quick. However
much you can give me would be appreciated."

Mercan, although feeling out of sorts, returned to the bank and
withdrew 10,000 TL.  When she reached home an individual
came to the door and said "I'm your son's friend. I'll take the
money to him."  Concurrently, another call came from her son's
number and the voice said "Mom, give the money to my friend.",
which Mercan did. (!)

When Mercan's son actually called her an hour later, she realized
that she had been swindled.  Police then determined that a 
special computer application had been used to make the calls
to her from her son's number.  Mustafa Mercan related the story
as follows: "My mother said 'your voice sounds different.' and
they responded, saying that 'it's because I'm tired Mom.'  First,
they wanted 4, then 8 and finally 10,000 TL.  I called my Mom
two minutes later but she had already given them the money.
She went after them but they had disappeared."

Continuing, Mustafa Mercan explained that "the swindlers
knew that my mother deposited money into her account.  And
they knew our phone numbers, too.  I asked the police about
this and they said that the swindlers generally use three
methods: they get information from close relative; they get
it from spouses or friends or they get it from people working
at the bank."

maltepe haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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