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Commie Mayor Sets Transparency Example for Trump

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 5 February 2018)

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Komünist Başkan dev afişle duyurdu
Suitably inspired, Trump will  have his tax returns exhibited
thusly on the front of the White House.

The only Communist Party mayor in Turkey, in Tunceli's
Ovacık municipality, has, for the third year in a row, listed
the city's income and expenses with a giant poster, 7 meters
by 3 meters, hung in front of the municipal building. 

Mayor Mehmet Maçoğlu explained that the municipality
is completely transparent and open to the public.  He added
that "we have accounted for every penny so that we can be
open to the public.  Any citizen can come and ask for an
accounting because we are here to provide service to the
public.  When we came into office, the municipality was
in debt but now we're in the black and we have money to

turkish news tuhaf ovacık maçoğlu ile ilgili görsel sonucu
       Mayor Maçoğlu letting it all hang out.

According to the poster, in 2017 the Ovacık municipality had
income of 3,452,707 TL (about $1 million) and expenses
totalling 3,182,482 TL.

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