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Cow Laments Lack of Speedy Trial

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 10 February 2018)

[Haber görseli]
            Stuck in the Bovine Archipelago

In Erzurum, in August 2016, Erdal Dumlu was driving his car
on the Erzurum-Pasiler highway when a 4-month-old calf
suddenly jumped into the road at Abdurrahman Gazi village
crossing.  In the resulting accident, Dumlu's wife Selma broke
her arm and the calf's ribs were broken.  Police who came to the
scene of the accident searched in vain for the calf's owner.

Consequently, the calf was taken into custody (!) and has lived
the past 18 months in a shelter.  The veterinarian charged with
looking after the incarcerated calf, Bilal Çoruh, explained that
"while the calf's judicial status remains unclear it must stay in
our shelter for an undetermined time.  We're looking after all
its needs but it can't go beyond the barbed-wire fence." (!)

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