16 Şubat 2018 Cuma

Police Chief Putty in Her Hands

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 16 February 2018)

ibrahim kocaoğlu çiğdem b ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Femme fatale Çiğdem hanım and her helpless prey.

Based on orders from Istanbul Police Chief Dr. Mustafa Çalışkan,
the former police chief of Istanbul's Kadıköy district was among
16 people taken into custody in a prostitution operation.  The
former chief, Ibrahim Kocaoğlu, is charged with taking bribes
and malfeasance after one Çiğdem B. claimed that "we made
love at my house in Şişli and I gave him 30,000 TL and 3
expensive cellphones.  Also, I'm giving him 7,500 TL per week
to take care of our business."

One of the suspects, Şükrü B., told HaberTürk that "Çiğdem
came to the massage parlor in Şişli and told us 'girls, I've made
the police chief my lover.  We've been together 4-5 days.  I
brought him home and took videos without him knowing it.
From now on there won't be any police raids.'"

Kocaoğlu was relieved of duty on 8 February in connection with
the police operation against the Hakan Ato prostitution ring. Ato
himself was arrested, along with 11 police officers and 3 people
who handled the gang's loansharking activities. 

Çiğdem B. said in her statement to police that "six or seven
months ago I went to meet Kadıköy Police Chief İbrahim
Kocaoğlu and I told him 'I want to have a chat with you but
this isn't the right place.  Let's have dinner tonight."  Their
dinner took place in Kalamış, Kadıköy, after which the couple
repaired to Çiğdem hanım's home in Şişli, where she seduced
Kocaoğlu, arranging to give him "30,000 TL to look the other
way with regard to our massage parlors and activities.  Later
I gave him 3 expensive cellphones and 7,500 TL per week to
keep the arrangement in place."

kadıköy haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Kadıköy is center, toward the bottom. Şişli is at upper

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