23 Şubat 2018 Cuma

This Cat's Got Milk!

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(Patiliyo.com website, 21 February 2018)

It a country where waiting on line is anathema, this
time cat gets first dibs.

In Karşıyaka district of Izmir, for four years the first customer
in line for Mustafa Aksakal's milk each morning is a street cat.
Other (human) customers line up after the cat, which remains
next to the Aksakal until he leaves for the day.

Humans wait to get the "all-clear" signal for today's batch.

One observer noted that "we get into line each morning, wait
on line and get our milk.  But the cat is first in line, every day
except Sundays (Christian cat ?!)."

cat got milk ile ilgili görsel sonucu
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