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Euro-Enema Relieves Algerian Jeweler in Istanbul

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 6 February 2018)

İşadamının makatından 144 bin Euro çıktı
Understandably, a bit uncomfortable on the flight...

Salah Mennaoui (67) has a jewelry shop in Algeria and, with the
help of a doctor, he had 288 500-Euro notes and 2 100- Euro notes
stuck into his anus before boarding a flight for Istanbul (!). 
Mennaoui slipped by security at Atatürk Airport but became ill
at his hotel in the Fatih district of Istanbul.

At the hospital, doctors extracted the wads of Euros from Mennaoui's
anus and called police.  In his statement, Mennaoui explained that
"I'm in the gold and textile sector in Algeria, my home country, and
I have a jewelry store there, too.  I come to Turkey a lot for business
and this time I wanted to buy a large amount of gold."

Mennaoui's lawyer Ali Asğar Tezel related that "at the airport in
Algeria, one has to explain any money over 7,500 Euros, in terms
of its source.  There's no such requirement when entering Turkey
these days but since the money emerged from his body (!) there
was a problem. If he had brought the money in normally, everything
would have been OK."  Mennaoui was released and returned to

seinfeld assman ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Police in Algeria became suspicious when they spotted
Mennaoui's doctor's car speeding away from the airport.

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