25 Ocak 2011 Salı

71st Time's a Charm

(Haberturk Newspaper, 24 January 2011)

In Konya, the suspected murderer in a crime committed 12 days
ago, Halil Sonsoy, was arrested when police raided the 71st
address where they thought Sonsay may be hiding - his girlfriend's
home. Sonsoy had also killed his wife ten years ago in a fit of
jealousy but was released from prison after 2.5 years, based on
a report that declared that his 'mental state was not well.'

On 11 January, Halil Sonsoy fired six shots at Burhanettin Polat,
whom Zübeyde Baz (42), with whom Sonsoy lives in Selçuklu
district, said had been bothering her. Polat died at the scene and
Sonsoy escaped. In the ensuing operation to capture him police
raided 70 different addresses but without success.  Yesterday,
however, police grabbed Sonsoy in Meram district at the home
of his girlfriend.

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