24 Ocak 2011 Pazartesi

Sex Dispels Spells

(Sabah Newspaper, 23 January 2011)

Mustafa Kılıç, who claims to be a medium, has been taken into
custody after a complaint by a customer who wanted to break
a priest's spell. A women named H.Ö. filed a complaint with the
Bakırköy public prosecutor, claiming that Kılıç had taken 8,000
Turkish Lira and 300 grams of 22 carat gold from her on the
pretext that he would break the spell.

When H.Ö. determined that the spell was still upon her she went
to Kılıç's office, whereupon Kılıç suggested that 'there's no need
for money. If you sleep with me seven times the spirits will come
and find you within 40 days. With the help of the spirits you'll
be freed from all your problems.'  H.Ö. claimed that Kılıç then
raped her. It has been determined that Kılıç has previously been
tried for fraud and fined.

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