24 Ocak 2011 Pazartesi

CSI Istanbul: Tale of Tatoo and Injured Manhood

(Sabah Newspaper, 23 January 2011)

Gendarmerie teams have solved a murder thanks to a tatoo on the
body of the victim, who was killed five months ago in Kurtköy,
Istanbul.  Last August 19th the body of a woman was found by
villagers near Çataldağı forest. The woman had been strangled
and various portions of her face and body had been eaten by
animals so police could not determine a description nor get any
fingerprints. The only thing police had to go by was a tatoo on
her waist.

Along with the body, Gendarmerie found business cards from a
number of hotels in the Aksaray area so with a picture of the
woman's tatoo they began to canvass the hotels. The police
asked foreign women, in particular, whether or not they had
seen such a tatoo. After a long while, one woman said that she
had seen the tatoo on Georgian citizen Nekan Yusubova, who
had been missing for some time.

Gendarmerie then asked the Telecommunications Authority
for Yusubova's cellphone records and determined that the last
person Yusubova has spoken with was one Hüseyin Çiğdem.
Police then took Çiğdem, who has a long record, including
murder, assault, resisting arrest and counterfeiting, into custody.
Ciğdem claimed innocence in the murder of Yusubova but
police were able to make a DNA match between his sperm
and a remnant left on Yusubova.

Çiğdem then confessed and in his statement he said that he
had met Nekan Yusubova through a friend and had paid her
for sex a number of times. According to Çiğdem, on the day
of the murder Yusubova had insulted his manhood and he
killed her for this reason. Suspect Çiğdem was taken to jail.

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