18 Ocak 2011 Salı

Devil Does Details

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 17 January 2011)

Some people in Izmir complained to police that they had been
defrauded by a person who wrote predictions for them and then
read and blew over the writings, promising that they would come
true. A short while later Mesut Topar (61) was arrested.

Topar first hoodwinked  M.N.S., who had 25,000 Turkish Lira
worth of gold and money stolen from her home, by convincing her to
give him 10,000 Turkish Lira worth of gold and silver which he
would then bury in order to get the stolen items back. In another
case, Topar promised to help a woman, S.G., whose husband's job
was on the rocks. Topar read a charm of some sort and then blew
over it, obtaining 10,000 Turkish Lira from S.G. for his trouble.

A different incident in Adana involved 33 year-old Mehmet
Devrim Demirci, who has been undergoing psychiatric treatment for
five years. At 1 PM  yesterday afternoon Demirci used two knives
to stab his sister Pınar Dilek Demirci 60 times in the home they
share. Demirci, who was captured by neighbors as he tried to
escape, stated that 'an evil spirit named Leyla entered into my
sister.' When asked by reporters to explain further, Demirci said
'I killed her because it was necessary. I killed Leyla Dağdelen.'
According to neighbors, the two siblings have lived in the rented
home for seven years.  Mehmet Devrim Demirci recently scored
poorly on the KPSS exam for government jobs and was un-


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