21 Ocak 2011 Cuma

Undercover Cop Gets a Dressing Down

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 20 January 2011)

The person wearing women's clothes who tried to rob a jewelry
store in Yunak district of Konya province turned out to be a
policeman. Dressed in baggy pants, an overcoat, headscarf and
sunglasses, the individual entered the store belonging to Gürsel
Yıldırımer (46) on Ataşehir Boulevard at 15:00 yesterday and,
flashing a knife at Yıldırımer, declared 'this is a robbery!'.

Thinking that the robber was a woman, Yıldırımer lunged at 'her'
but in the ensuing struggle the jeweler was injured, while the
panicked robber fled. Other store owners and nearby police
heard the commotion, though, and subdued the perpetrator
before 'she' could get away. When police took off the scarf
on the robber's head they were shocked to see that it was
fellow policeman A.O. (50), who has served on the Yunak
District Police Force for five years. A.O., said to be deep in
debt, was taken into custody.

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