28 Ocak 2011 Cuma

Russian Lover, Criminal Cousins

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 27 January 2011)

Ali K. (28) returned to Turkey after working in Turkmenistan as
an accountant and then invited his Russian girlfriend Yelena I. to
come to his house in Adana. Yelena, however, didn't have any
money for such a trip so she asked Ali K. for 2,000 dollars.

Not having the money for Yelena, Ali K., who was on the verge
of divorcing his wife who lives in Fethiye, joined up with his cousin
Ismail K. (26) to rob an all-night pharmacy at 2 AM on 15 January.
The two wore ski masks and used a fake gun during the robbery,
taking away 6,000 Turkish Lira and four cellphones belonging to
the pharmacist and his employees.

Ali K. used a portion of the haul to pay for Yelena's trip but when
the rest of the money ran out the two cousins planned a second
caper. They hit a gas station and took 1,600 Turkish Lira from
the four attendants, who then informed the police. Ali K. and
Ismail K. were captured soon afterwards.

The two cousins confessed to the two robberies with Ali K. ex-
plaining to police that he had done it to pay for his Russian girl-
friend's trip to Turkey. While Ali K. expressed regret for his
actions, Ismail K. said that like his cousin he was about to
divorce his wife and just needed some money.

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