9 Ocak 2011 Pazar

Pickpocket's Worst Day

(Posta Newspaper, 7 January 2011)

Genco Bayar (66) boarded a dolmuş (collective taxi) in Gazi-
antep and then noticed that his cellphone and 80 Turkish Lira
were missing. He alerted the driver who used his own cellphone
to call Bayar's. When Bayar's phone rang it was in the coat
of pickpocket Mustafa O., another dolmuş passenger. Yet
another passenger, a policeman, then took Mustafa O. into
custody. Later, while at the police station, Mustafa O. learned
from one of his relatives that his mother had died of cancer.
Mustafa O., who has been arrested 25 times for pickpocketing
and theft, will be held in jail until trial.

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