11 Ocak 2011 Salı

Skirting the Issue

(Haberturk Newspaper, 10 January 2011)

Psychologist Z.A., who works at the Samsun Provincial Social
Services Directorate, had an argument with Provincial Director
Adnan Ipekdal who said that Z.A.'s skirt was too short. Z.A.
was then removed from her job.

Labor union leader Süleyman Bal described Director Adnan
Ipekdal's actions as follows: 'he summoned her to his room,
saying the psychologist's skirt was too short. He then pointed
at her and ordered her to go home and change her outfit. Z.A.,
however, asked Ipekdal why he was uncomfortable about her
skirt and left his office feeling as though she had been threatened.'

Bal added that Ipekdal shortly thereafter wanted to transfer Z.A.
to Havza dıstrict, citing a need there as a pretext, but the governor
intervened to thwart the transfer. About Ipekdal, labor union
chief  Bal said 'Is it your main duty to measure the skirt length of
women personnel? Where do you get the right to do this? Do
you find it moral to fire someone because you think that a pro-
fessional staff member's dress doesn't conform to your world
view? Doesn't applying this kind of social intimidation take things
too far, insisting on your own views in the work place?'

Ipekdal, though, said there had been no argument about the
skirt's length, explaining that 'we warned her about her outfit.
Generally speaking, she wasn't dressed in conformity with the
State Workers Dress Code.'

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