7 Ocak 2011 Cuma

Five Others Need Prayers Now

(Sabah Newspaper, 6 January 2011)

The family of Murat Karadeniz (28), who was killed in a traffic
accident and had arranged to donate his organs, abandoned the
donation because they said the body would not be ready for
the late afternoon prayer service. However, Dr. Azem Ülkü,
transplant coordinator at Çanakkale State Hospital, stated that
the family had agreed to the donations and that the body would
have been ready by the time of the prayer service. He explained
the situation as follows:

'There was a delay because a patient awaiting a lung transplant
in Istanbul had a problem related to tissue suitability. There was
also a transport problem so we had to delay the operation to
remove the organs from Murat Karadeniz. The family then
abandoned the donation, saying the body wouldn't be ready for
the prayer service.' 

Dr. Ülkü did not accuse the family of any wrongdoing and was
respectful toward their decision. Nevertheless, he noted that
'Five persons' lives would have been different. Patients were
waiting in Bursa for two kidneys and the liver. There were also
patients at Gazi Osman Paşa Hospital waiting for the pancreas
and at Süreyya Paşa Hospital for the lungs.'

One of Karadeniz's relatives, Mustafa Şahin, said that they had
wanted to donate the organs but the related matters were not
handled  in a timely manner so they had to refuse the donations.

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