17 Ocak 2011 Pazartesi

King Nicolas Picks His Colors

(Hürriyet and Sabah Newspapers, 16 January 2011)

After filming some scenes in Cappadocia, the production of
the film 'Ghostrider 2' starring Oscar actor Nicholas Cage,
has moved to the white wonderland of Pamukkale, where a
king's suite is under contruction for Mr. Cage at the Collosea
Thermal Hotel in Karahayıt town of Denizli province. The
suite is being specially made for the famous actor and will
be built as a triplex, with a private sauna, office, bedrooms,
kitchen and an area for entertaining guests.

The famous actor is expected to arrive in Denizli during the
upcoming week, along with a 220-person crew. They will
stay for 10 days at the hotel, where special security measures
will be taken and comings and goings strictly controlled.
Metin Paç, the hotel's deputy chief, said that they have built
a private pool and relaxation area on the first floor of the
king's suite.

The office and an area for entertaining guests will be on the
second floor, while the third floor will house the bedroom and
sauna. Paç stated that 'we've thought of every detail. Nicholas
Cage identified the colors he wants. We've prepared the project
in accordance with his wishes.'  It has been learned that the
famous actor wants his room to be painted gray, with a white
ceiling and walnut-colored paint for the closets and cabinets.

Paç was confident that 'we'll complete the project prior to Mr.
Cage's arrival. Our goal is to make Denizli and Pamukkale
known around the world.'  Already, reports about the film and
Turkey, Nevşehir and Denizli have appeared in the Washington
Post, Belfast Telegraph, News.Az, ABC, Pittsburgh Post
Gazette, El Nuevo Herald and El Universal.

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