14 Ocak 2011 Cuma

Aged Bully De-caned

(Haberturk Newspaper, 13 January 2011)

The most recent example that family violence, and particularly
violence against women, can happen at any age comes from
Ankara. Hasan Hüseyin A. (82) used his cane to break the
bones of his 83 year-old wife who wanted him to put a blanket
over her. The court warned the old man that 'if you resort to
violence again I'll take your cane away.' The cane used in the
attack, which actually belongs to Hasan Hüseyin A.'s wife,
was then put under 'judicial care'.

The incident occured two months ago when neighbors heard
screams coming from the home of the elderly pair in Yenimahalle
and intervened. The old women had sustained broken bones
in her hand, arm and shoulders but did not file a complaint
against her husband.

Judge Eray Karınca, who heard the case, explained why the
elderly man was not jailed. The Judge said that 'his wife is
bedridden and needs looking after. Besides that, the old man
wouldn't be able to bear the conditions in jail.' Nevertheless,
the public prosecutor has prepared an indictment against
Hasan Hüseyin A. for 'deliberate battery' and is requesting

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