22 Ocak 2011 Cumartesi

Note to Crooks: Vary Wardrobe

(Haberturk Newspaper, 21 January 2011)

Suspects wearing ski masks and brandishing a revolver and an
automatic MP5 rifle entered a gas station in Gürsü district of Bursa
province and took 700 Turkish Lira and phone cards before
absconding. The Bursa police then began to examine the video
from the gas station's security cameras. Since they couldn't see
the faces of the robbers, Bursa police started searching through
past suspects' photographs, looking at clothes and persons of
the same height, weight and age group.

When police noticed that a person named Ilker Paker, who had
been arrested for theft a year ago, had worn the same sweater
as one of the suspects in the gas station robbery they had their
man. Along with Paker, Hüseyin K., Murat U., Aykut T., Murat
S., and T.T. were arrested and could get up to 20 years in

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