20 Ocak 2011 Perşembe

Lamborghini's Long and Winding Road

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 19 January 2011)

Sabit Tüfekçi, the disabled 39 year-old Turk living in Denmark
who bought a Lamborghini automobile for his brother using
assistance money he had received from the municipality,
has become the target of the Danish media and Tüfekçi says
he is getting threats.

Tüfekçi claimed that certain individuals have created a con-
spiracy against him because they cannot bear that the firm
he started after getting a higher education to provide aid to
handicapped people has been so successful.

Following news reports about his alleged fraud, Tüfekçi
said that both he and members of his family have been subjected
to threats. He stated that 'the insults have gone as far as
depositing canine defecation on my mother's doorstep. They've
put our lives in danger.'

Continuing, Tüfekçi said  'We bought a used Lamborghini at a
good price to use in our publicity activities. There are lots of
firms that do this. I got the car, which is worth 800,000 kron
(about 215,000 Turkish Lira), for 440,000 kron. Two Danes
that I fired told some lies to the newspapers and then TV2
came to our office and filmed the car. My brother had brought
the car to show me that day since we wanted to buy it.'

Sabit Tüfekçi stated that although he is disabled he is not living
the high life on the municipality's generous assistance. He added
that he has set up a company and prefers to work for a living.
He believes that, if anything, he should be honored by the
municipality for his accomplishments.

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