20 Ocak 2011 Perşembe

Catch Me, Please!

(Hürriyet and Post Newspapers, 19 January 2011)

In Denizli, jobless Murat Etiz (20) went into a market at 19:30
the evening before last, pointed his gun a market owner Yüksel
Dayıoğlu and stole three loaves of bread, two packages of
cigarettes, a bottle of ayran (milky yogurt), a two-liter bottle
of soda and a chocolate bar. While escaping, though, Etiz
told Dayıoğlu  'I'll pay for these things.'

Yesterday Etiz returned to the market and paid Dayıoğlu 20
Turkish Lira for the items he had stolen, saying 'I have a record.
Please don't turn me in.' Etiz's expression of regret failed to sway
Dayıoğlu, however, and Etiz was taken away to jail.

Meanwhile, in Muğla province's Milas district, a car carrying
four people who stole carpets from  mosques was flagged
down by the Gendarmerie at the town of Beçin. The car failed
to stop and passengers H.Ş. (41), Ş.T. (35), Ç.G.(34) and
Y.A. (42) made their getaway. The Gendarmerie, however,
determined that the rented car had a GPS system installed
and the Gendarmerie was able to pinpoint the car's location.
After a six-hour chase the suspects were arrested at Kurudere
village. The carpets the four had thrown from their car during
the chase were recovered by local residents and turned over
to the Gendarmerie.

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