12 Ocak 2011 Çarşamba

Not Always Better Late Than Never

(Haberturk Newspaper, 11 January 2011)

Ali Zorlu (54), who lives in Göktepe village near the provincial
capital of Muğla, went on his tractor to visit his relatives in
Bozyer village. Returning from the visit, Zorlu could not nego-
tiate a sharp curve and crashed the tractor. Local villagers
tried to help the seriously injured Zorlu but the driver for Göktepe
village's ambulance was nowhere to be found. Once a driver
was identified the ambulance wouldn't start and Zorlu lost
consciousness while waiting for it to come the 15 kilometers
from Göktepe village.  A frantic call was then made to Muğla,
56 kilometers away, for another ambulance. In the meantime,
the village women managed to start the Göktepe ambulance by
pushing it. Concurrently, the ambulance from Muğla arrived
but all for naught - Ali Zorlu had died while waiting.  

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