17 Ocak 2011 Pazartesi

Man Bites Shark

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 16 January 2011)

Adil Malay (25), an alleged loan shark operating in Ceyhan district
of Adana province, and his father, provided money in exchange for
interest to the father of Niyazi Akyüz (31), a security guard working
at the Ceyhan Municiple Asri Cemetery. When Malay couldn't
collect on his investment he beat up Akyüz a few times and burned
his car. Consequently, a case was opened against Malay but the
day before yesterday at lunch time Malay went to Asri Cemetery
and threatened Akyüz.

Once again Akyüz compained to police about Malay, who was later
taken into custody and brought to the Gaziosmanpaşa police station.
When Akyüz learned this, he left his post at the cemetery and went to
the Gaziosmanpaşa police station. Wearing his security guard uniform,
Akyüz was able to enter the police station and then used his duty
revolver to fire a hail of bullets at Malay. Akyüz was subdued by police
and Malay expired at the scene.

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