9 Ocak 2011 Pazar

Emergencies Are Relative

(Posta Newspaper, 7 January 2011)

Erzincan Police Chief Mehmet Tüzel stated that 'in our city
interesting but pointless calls are coming into the 155 Police
Assistance hotline. These calls cause operators to waste time.
We would like our citizens to avoid tying up the lines with these
ridiculous calls.'

Some examples: - 'I'm drunk and I'm going to Yoğurtlu town.
                            There are dogs along the way. Can you send
                             a team?'

                          - 'My son is misbehaving. If I put him on the
                             phone will you scold him for me.'

                          - 'Would you send us three cups of tea?'

                          - 'I'm a soldier. I thought I was calling the military

                          - 'There's a satellite in the sky tracking us. I'm
                            letting you know so you can do something.'

                          - 'I'm going to friday service. My goods are outside
                             so please send a team to watch my store.'

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