21 Ocak 2011 Cuma

Lady Crashes Tantuni Party

(Sabah Newspaper, 20 January 2011)

Nılgün Akyollar, who works at a company in Adana, left work
by car the evening before last in order to go home. However, at
19:00, when she reached the area near Kasım Gülek bridge on
Cevat Yurdakul Avenue, the car in front of her stopped short.
So as not to hit the car in front, Akyollar swerved but she lost
control of her car and crashed into the tantuni (wraps) restaurant
owned by Vedat Uzun, which was full of customers.

Fortunately, there were no patrons at the table near the front
window, although one customer's leg was injured. The workers
in the restaurant got out of the way as they saw Akyollar's
car heading for the store window but could still not believe
their eyes. One wag commented 'she parks well.'  Emergency
crews who arrived at the scene treated the injured customer
and tried to console the hysterical Akyollar who cried out
'they're dead, they're injured! What shall I do now?! God help


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