24 Ocak 2011 Pazartesi

You Gambled and You Lost

(Posta Newspaper, 22 January 2011)

Deniz Ü. (21), who has worked in a betting parlor in Bostancı,
Istanbul, for one and a half months, called police last Tuesday
crying 'I've been robbed!'  In his statement to the police Deniz
Ü. said that while working in the betting parlor with his friend
Murat G., two armed individuals entered the store and took off
with 800 Turkish Lira from the register. But when police looked
at the security camera video and found no evidence of a robbery
they became suspicious.  Deniz Ü. and Murat G. were then taken
into custody.

Deniz Ü. finally confessed under questioning and explained that
his enrollment at a university had been frozen because he hadn't
been able to pay the fees for his final year. Deniz Ü. continued,
saying 'I placed some bets with the money from the cash register
hoping I'd win but when I didn't there was 800 missing from the
register. That's when I came up with this robbery scenario.' The
owner of the betting parlor has not filed a complaint against
either Deniz Ü. or Murat G.

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