24 Ocak 2011 Pazartesi

Bluetooth Erasers Backfire

(Posta Newspaper, 22 January 2011)

In Kadıköy, Istanbul, Enver B. (45), who runs a drivers license
course, prepared a special copying device for candidates applying
for a license.  Enver B. and his gang inserted a Bluetooth (cableless
listening device) into the erasers brought into the licensing exam
by the candidates. After entering the exam hall, the candidates
kept their cellphones, which were linked to the Bluetooth, on 'silent'
and were able to hear the answers for the test given by Enver B.
and his gang members outside the hall via their erasers.

Enver B. was caught by police last 23 October as the result of
the police's own technical surveillance. The suspects' defense
was that 'we we're just helping them out.'  The day before
yesterday a criminal court case was opened against Enver B.
for 'counterfeiting an official document and slander', with a
potential jail sentence of nine years.  Two of his helpers and five
license candidates could get five years in jail.

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