5 Ocak 2011 Çarşamba

When Things Get Complicated

(Haberturk Newspaper, 4 January 2011)

Citizens walking along the shore at Yedikule in Istanbul saw
the body of a man among the rocks two mornings ago. Police
were able, with help from the fire department, to extract the
body of Mahir Albayrak.

Albayrak (26) left his home in Bahçelievler on 16 December,
saying he was going to see a friend, but didn't return. His
family filed a missing persons report in which it was explained
that Mahir Albayrak's father had been killed in a blood feud
in Malatya in 1999 and that Mahir's older brother Yusuf
Albayrak had killed the person who had murdered their father.

Mahir Albayrak's other older brother, Aytekin Albayrak, is
in prison as a suspect in the 2007 kidnapping of Beykent
University student Ufuk Yüksel (21). A ransom of 200,000
Turkish Lira was demanded from Yüksel's father, Mehmet
Yüksel, but the younger Yüksel was strangled before the
ransom was collected.  

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