3 Ocak 2011 Pazartesi

Third Time's a Charm

(Sabah Newspaper, 2 January 2011)

In Adana, Halit K., who escaped two previous attempts to
kill him, was strangled with a cable by his wife's boyfriend Asaf Ş.
Allegedly, Halit's wife Gülşen K. made an agreement with Asaf Ş.
and his nephew Ramazan T. for the murder at a price of 100,000
Turkish Lira. After the second attempt to kill Halit K., Ramazan T.
had been taken into custody and he admitted that such an agree-
ment had been made with Gülşen K. However, Ramazan T. was
released pending trial. Then, on 29 December, Halit K.'s daughter
found her father beaten and strangled at home. Gülşen K. told
police that her boyfriend Asaf Ş. had committed the murder.

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