20 Ocak 2011 Perşembe

Istanbul a Name to Fight Over

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 19 January 2011)

The Mayor of Istanbul, Kadir Topbaş, went to Athens yesterday
for a visit but when an announcement in Greek concerning his
visit was made the name 'Istanbul', rather than Constantinople,
was used twice. This set off a fight in the Athens City Council,
where racist-fascist member Nikos Mihaloliakos had declared
before Topbaş's visit that 'using Istanbul instead of Constantinople
in the announcement is unacceptable. The five percent of Athens
residents who voted for me cannot tolerate this.'

Mihaloliakos also said to Athens Mayor Yorgo Kaminis on the
subject of  immigrants in Athens 'Good night. The Pakistanis and
Bangladeshis you've made Greek citizens voted for you. See how
you've benefitted.' He then gave the Nazi salute and departed.

With regard to the use of  'Istanbul' in the announcement of
Topbaş's visit, Greek newspapers tied to the opposition stated
that this was tantamount to 'shooting the ball into our own goal.'

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