11 Ocak 2011 Salı

Much Ado About Fools' Gold

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 10 January 2011)

Eight people who claimed to have found buried treasure in
Manisa got in contact with potential customers H.Ö. and H.Ç.
from Istanbul. The two sides met yesterday in Biga district
of Çanakkale province but when the time came to exchange
nine kilograms of gold for a large amount of cash a disagreement
occured. Guns were drawn and in the ensuing firefight Halil
Akpınar (29) of the 8-person group was seriously wounded.
The would-be customers, H.Ö. and H.Ç., then took the gold
without leaving the cash while Akpınar's friends took him to
the hospital, where he died. The Gendarmerie stopped the
car carrying Akpınar's friends after they had left Akpınar at
the hospital and Ö.D., S.E., F.Y., S.Y. and A.G. were taken
into custody. Two others, one of them a woman, escaped
in the darkness. H.Ö., who had taken the gold and the cash,
was arrested in Istanbul and taken back to Çanakkale, only
to learn that the gold was fake. H.Ç. is still being sought.

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