16 Ocak 2011 Pazar

Health Euros For Lamborghini

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 15 January 2011)

Sabit Tüfekçi, a Turk living in Copenhagen's Hellerup neighbor-
hood, uses a wheelchair and gets assistance money from the
municipality. When it became known that Tüfekçi had used this
money to buy a luxury Lamborghini automobile for his brother it
became the news of the day. The chief of  Copenhagen's Social
Assistance Office, Jens Elmelund, who watched the report about
Tüfekçi broadcast on TV2 news, was prompted to  file a police
complaint about Tüfekçi and his firm.

It was determined that Tüfekçi had shown his mother and
brother, who care for him, as workers in his company, 'Handi Help'.
Even if this isn't a crime in Denmark, Tüfekçi was obliged to use
the 10,500 Euros he gets from the municipality each month for
his own health care. In his own defense, though, Tüfekçi explained
that 'My brother drives the Lamborghini. I bought him an expensive
car so that he'd have a better life and look after me better, as well.'
If Tüfekçi is found to have committed a crime he'll have to pay the
money back, with interest, along with a heavy fine.

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