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Batman's History Will Ride the Rails

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 18 December 2014)

Batman! the musical accompaniment!

Zeynel Bey Türbesi 250 günde taşınacak
    No, not the secret entrance to the Batcave.

For the second time, there will be a call for tenders for the
job of transporting the Zeynel Bey Tomb, one of the
trademarks of the historic Hasankeyf district, which will
be inundated under the waters of the Ilisu Dam to be built
in Batman province.

The transport by rail and preservation of the 1,100 ton
tomb will be done in 250 days. The calls for tenders, with the
winner to be named on 29 January 2015, was issued by the State
Waterworks General Directorate and the HES (hydroelectric
energy office) Bureau.

The new call for tenders requires that candidate firms have a
restoration expert, a project architect, a project engineer and
a dedicated project team. The transport of the tomb on rails
must be done under the supervision of qualified experts.

The Zeynel Bey Tomb will be re-located  to a new site on the
slopes of Raman Mountain, about 5 kilometers from Hasankeyf.
The tomb was built by the Akkoyunlu leader Uzun Hasan, who
ruled Hasankeyf from 1462 to 1478, for his son Zeynel Bey,
killed in the Battle of Otlukbeli with the Ottoman Turks in 1473.

        Batman's Hasankeyf at lower right.

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