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Practical Joke Works, But Nobody's Laughing

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 December 2014)

Şakaydı gerçek oldu
     These kids today...can't even take a joke.

In Konya, the children of Turan Simsek (60), who has a
meatball restaurant, decided to play a practical joke on
their cousins in Mugla so they called them and said that
"our neighbor shot our father! Come right away!"

In a panic, the cousins, Ayhan Simsek (24) and his older
brother Cumali Simsek (33), got into their cars and traversed
the 600 kilometers from Mugla to Konya by nightfall.
When they arrived, though, they were shocked to be
greeted by a healthy Turan Simsek.

Laughingly told they were the victims of a practical joke,
Ayhan and Cumali were not amused, having dropped
everything in Mugla to rush to their uncle's family's aid.
An argument ensued between the cousins and as it grew
into a fight, Turan Simsek intervened, only to be pummelled
by nephews Ayhan and Cumali.

Breaking free from his nephews, Turan Simsek grabbed his
rifle from his house and started firing at the fleeing nephews.
Cumali, hit in his arm, sought refuge at a police station. His
brother Ayhan was hit in the back and seriously wounded,
ending up at Beyhekim State Hospital.  Ayhan's heart stopped
three times at the hospital and he remains in intensive care.
Police took Turan Simsek into custody and an investigation
into the incident is continuing.

It's about a 9 hour drive from Mugla to Konya.

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