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ISIS Frat Boys Get Sex Slave Rules

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 11 December 2014)

Frat brothers pose on front lawn of ISIS frat house.

The Research and Religious Rules Directorate of the
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has published
a guide that spells out in detail how ISIS militants
should behave toward the women they use as sex
slaves (!).

The guide, entitled "Questions and Answers Regarding
the Taking of Slaves", was printed by ISIS's publishing
house Al-Himma and distributed to militants on 3
December.  Experts on ISIS surmise that the guide was
written to instruct ISIS fighters on how to behave toward
the  estimated 4,600 Yezidi women captured during the
summer by ISIS.

The guide declares that militants can use 'non-believer'
woman as sex slaves.  In more detail, the guide explains
that "if the woman is a virgin relations can begin right
away.  If not, the uterus must be cleaned before relations
begin."  According to the guide, militants must not engage
in relations with females who have not reached puberty.
However, they can "benefit" from such females.

The guide proscribes "a man from entering relations
with women who are related to each other, at the same
time."  As for beating women, the guide directs that
women slaves can be beaten but not in the face. It is
also "forbidden to beat a woman for torture or fun."

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