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Doctor Who?

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(Sabah Newspaper, 26 November 2014)

          'Dr.' Yilman and ER friends

'Fake doctor' Ali Haktan Yilman (24) worked at quite a few
private hospitals and ambulance companies, from
Buyukcekmece in Istanbul to Izmit, even participating in
stomach and obesity operations at one hospital. He posted
pictures of himself in operating rooms and ambulances on
social media.

A high-level official from Goztepe Hospital in Istanbul, where
Yilman used a false certificate to work in the emergency
room for three months, provided information about the situation.
The official explained that Yilman went to the hospital with a
fake ID from the Turkish Physicians Union and persuaded the
emergency room crew to let him work there.

In mid-October Yilman's fraud was uncovered and he flew
to Nevsehir from Istanbul on 22 November. A lawyer on the
same flight recognized Yilman from a picture in the newspaper
and asked him his profession. Yilman said he was a doctor.
The lawyer related that an Italian woman on the flight asked
Yilman a question in English but Yilman couldn't understand
her. The lawyer then jokingly said to Yilman "a doctor who
doesn't know English?"  It turned out that Yilman's sister
boards at a school in Nevsehir.

Law professor Dr. Ali Kemal Yildiz said that Yilman could
be prosecuted for 'deliberate wounding or murder', depending
on the status of the patients he worked with. His father Naci
Yilman related that a few months ago Yilman came to his
home town of Edremit, in Van province, in a fancy car and
gave some money to his uncle, who said they sent Yilman
to a psychologist.  But Yilman duped the psychologist and
did not continued treatment.

Edremit district is near Van's provincial capital.

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