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Wrestling Umpire to Direct Istanbul Theaters

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(Radikal Newspaper, 8 December 2014)

Şehir Tiyatroları'na eski güreş hakemi ve zabıta müdürü olan Demirkaya atandı
     Sevket Bey looks a bit surprised himself...

The appointment of Sevket Demirkaya as the new director of
the Istanbul Municipal Theater Company has raised some
eyebrows. Demirkaya's background includes wrestling
officiating and assignments in the 'zabita' directorate.

//ed. note: 'zabita' is the municipal police force charged with
seeing that various laws and ordinances are observed, especially
those dealing with prices, fair marketing, building construction
and sanitation.//

Demirkaya was born in Sinop in 1956 and his schooling was in
Istanbul.  He has worked as an international wrestling official
and as an assistant principal in the national education system.
At various times Demirkaya served in the Istanbul municipality's
Sea Products Warehouse Directorate and as the Umraniye
Zabita Director, as well as working as the deputy chief of the
IETT (Istanbul subway-but-tram) system deputy director.

Demirkaya also spent time in the Yalova Provincial Youth
and Sports Directorate before being appointed to the Istanbul
Municipal Culture Directorate in 2012. He is married and has
three children.

Intermission to feature readings by Hulk Hogan.

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