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Troglodytic Tool Man

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(Sabah Newspaper, 31 December 2014)

Toolman forebears would be so proud...

English, Turkish and Dutch archeologists have encountered the
oldest finished stone tool found thus far during their research in
Turkey.  The new findings show that humans began their migration
from Africa to Europe and Asia much earlier than previously

According to BBC Turkish, archeologists emphasized that Anatolia
was the most important path used by humans on their way to other
continents and they claimed that the Gediz  riverbed area was used
as a settlement.

         From this egg sprung Home Depot.

Danielle Schreve of the Royal Holloway University in England
said that "we think that this hand tool was used by homo erectus,
the first humans to stand up straight. They came to the Gediz
riverbed area between 1.17 and 1.24 million years ago.  We also
found homo erectus skull parts in the region, as well."

The Gediz River flows into the Aegean Sea, just north of Izmir.

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