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Turkish Lessons To Boost Olive Oil Exports

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 2 December 2014)

        "I love the Turks", says Felix

Felix Koch, an academician at Berlin University, has come to
Edremit district in Balekesir province to learn Turkish.  The
villagers of Camci hamlet host someone from Berlin University
each year, as part of an initiative launched by village chief
Ismail Ozturmen.

Architect Felix (27)  has come for a month to learn Turkish
and Turkish culture, living in the home of Ali and Guver Aydin.
Felix says he likes the clothing outfits that are unique to
Edremit. So far he's learned to make tea and gather olives.
The villagers are teaching him to make olive oil soap, as well.
Felix declared that "I love the Turks. Turks and Germans are

The Aydin couple say they love Felix like a son and have
even told him "we'll adopt you. But he hasn't accepted.  We're
extending Turkish hospitality He's like our son. We light the
stove and we try to make him as comfortable as possible in
our home."

As for village chief Ozturmen, he explained that "we've been
doing this project for some time now, in order to open our
hamlet to the world and have our people get to know the
people of the rest of the world.  In today's globalized world
order everything is close.  We're hosting doctoral students
from Berlin University in Germany in our village.  When
they leave we give them Edremit's Kazdaglari olive oil so
they can be our ambassadors in Berlin. We think this is a
good way to increase our olive oil exports."

Edremit district is on the Aegean coast of Balikesir.

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